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David McMillan

David McMillan has been involved in music since the age of 8 when his mom and dad bought him a guitar for Christmas. David's dad, a lover of country and bluegrass music, helped him to get the instruction necessary to be able to play in a band by the age of 10. David played bluegrass music with "Tom Henderson & The Bluegrass Parlor Band" and dabbled in home recording until the age of 18 when he was offered a position ministering with "Florida's First Family of Gospel Music, The Laceys". David started a recording business with Wayne Lacey during that time and quickly became very busy within that industry. David left the road in 1993 to start "The Sound Shop" recording studio in Tampa, Fl. David and best friend Ric Truett combined forces in the music business shortly there after. David and Ric actually met Susie at the same time during a recording session in 1993 and the rest, as they say, is history. The three began singing as "Kindred Spirit" until the fall of 2000 when David & Susie were called to First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks. David is the Worship Pastor there and leads 3 services. Susie and David have four children and absolutely LOVE ministering with them.

Susie McMillan has been a fan of gospel music since the age of 15 when she first attended a “Happy Goodman’s” concert in Elba, Alabama. From the moment they began to sing she became hooked on the wonderful sounds of that family harmony. Susie has been singing since middle school. In 1992, Susie began singing in a female trio called “In Thy Name”, as lead vocalist. Although Susie was a single mom of two, she still found time to sing and do demos for the group. In one of the demo recordings, she met David McMillan. David owned the studio where the demos were being recorded. David & Susie married and started singing with close friend Ric Truett in a group called "Kindred Spirit". In the fall of 2000, Susie & David were called to the ministry of First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks. They also sing together with two of their four children, Samantha & Tori, as "The McMillans".

Susie McMillan
Jessica Youmans

Jessica, our oldest daughter, lives in Georgia. She has been singing since she was just 5 years old. Her first recording was at the age of 6 when she sang "He's Still Working On Me" on the Mcmillan's "Heaven's Bouquet" CD. During her high school years she was in several plays and musicals. She is very talented in many different facets of the theatrical and musical world. Jessi lives in Georgia and now owns her own photography business and is doing very well.

Joshua, our only son has graduated high school and is working in Clearwater full time. He doesn't usually like to sing but loves to play the drums and is honing his skills on several other instruments. Josh started his drumming career at Dad's recording studio at the age of 2, where he would beat on the drum kit IN TIME! He also enjoys the guitar, both acoustic and electric, bass guitar and mandolin. Josh has a unique gift of being able to pick up an instrument and within a few minutes, be able to make sense of it.

Joshua Gray
Samantha McMillan

Samantha, our middle daughter is in 11th grade and attends school at Indian Rocks Christian. She absolutely loves to sing and to act. She has been in several presentations at her school. The choir that she is a member of at her school has won many awards and travels to many different places performing. She has attended the John Robert Powers Modeling School were she was coached in the business of modeling and acting.

Victoria or Tori as we call her, is the youngest of the group. She is also at Indian Rocks Christian in 9th grade where she currently plays volleyball and softball. Tori loves to sing and to travel with the group. Her other interest include ANYTHING to do with horses, hunting & fishing. She has been in several horse shows and done very well, one of which she walked away with six 1st place ribbons. She wants to be a professional barrel racer when she is older.

Tori McMillan